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Formal Hazard Assessments (JHA's)

Formal Hazard Assessments (JHA's)

Package Overview

Formal hazard assessments are the basis of an effective Occupational Health & Safety program. It outlines the hazards, measures the risk, and points to the necessary control measures. This can help in many other parts of developing your health and safety management system, such as worker training, safe job procedures, and workplace inspections.

The initial stage BVS Canada take in creating a formal hazard assessment is a short meeting to better understand your business process and requirements. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions you may have about developing your health and safety system and how to implement it within your company.

Why Are Hazard Assessments Required?

You must conduct hazard assessments of your worksite and implement measures to eliminate or control the hazards identified, even when you’re not required to set up a health and safety program.

Occupational Health and Safety legislation requires employers to conduct hazard assessments, and to either eliminate the hazards identified or put controls in place to protect against them.

An employer must involve affected workers in this process and must ensure workers are informed of the hazards and the methods used to control or eliminate the hazards

Package Includes

  • Review of Existing Hazard Assessments

  • Identifying Key Job Roles and Work Tasks

  • Identify Hazards and rank according to Risk

  • Find ways to Eliminate or Control the Hazards

  • Digital & Hard Copy Provided

  • Management Review

  • Implementation Support

Our Procedure

  1. Work site visit to ascertain what people do, list all work tasks/activities.

  2. Identify hazards for each task, involving all workers.

  3. Complete FHA for each job role.

  4. Work with you to identify and implement effective controls, where elimination is not possible.

  5. FHA annual review facilitation with key personnel and management.

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