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1 Day Hospitality Safety Audit

1 Day Hospitality Safety Audit

Package Overview

This is the full deal right here!

Have one of our hospitality safety experts visit your property to dig in and review your health and safety program, covering all of the details!

This is such a valuable package for those that want to really make a push to improve your entire Health & Safety Program.  Health and safety has always been important, but in recent times of COVID-19, it is challenging and constantly needing attention.  
Let our team, work with you to make sure nothing is left unattended. Audit includes documentation review, observational tour/walkthrough, and comprehensive report with strengths/weaknesses in 8 areas.

Why is Health and Safety Important for Hospitality?

A Health and Safety program is an integral part of your business. Some form of a program is required under occupational health and safety legislation in most Canadian jurisdictions. A health and safety program must include the elements required by the health and safety legislation as a minimum.

In recent times of COVID, and onwards, make sure that your business is protected and can stay open, operational, and profitable while keeping your staff and customers safe and comfortable.  

Our team of experts can help protect your business from the troubles that come when health and safety issues are not addressed efficiently or programs are not running effectively.  We know that you have a business to run, so let us help with the safety solutions for your property!

Package Includes

  • Custom 30 minute consult with a senior manager to zone in on specific needs/issues
  • 3-hour property walkthrough
  • Q&A with your health and safety committee
  • Review of safety binders on site 
  • Written Report H&S Action Plan with at least 5 action items
  • from $425 plus expenses 

Our Procedure

  1. Start with a  brief telephone consultation to understand your safety program and any concerns you have

  2. Property Visit to review your safety documents, inspect work areas, meet HSC.

  3. When complete, we will meet with management and key personnel to review and present our findings.

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Contact Us for More Information

To book an initial H&S consultation or just ask some questions, call our team directly : Eastern Canada + 647 205 0652 or Western Canada +1 403 609 1413