Virtual Safety Consultation (hourly)

Virtual Safety Consultation (hourly)

Package Overview

Have a compliance issue?
Do you have a compliance order from OH&S?
Worksafe BC or MOL?
Need help with the corrective action steps?
Talk to one of our professionals for an hour (or five)?

We’ll help with the solutions. No commitment

You can book as much or as little time as you need to ask your questions to an expert, it is quick and convenient and offered virtually to assist with COVID procedures

We know that often in hospitality the task of managing the health & safety program gets assigned to someone on top of their regular duties.  

It’s hard to manage a successful safety program with constantly changing health & safety committee members, and often no one has the formal training to offer effective solutions.

Package Includes

  • 60-minute consultation via phone, or virtual meeting
  • Share screens and documents to zone in on specific needs/issues
  • Get expert advice on your specific H&S program
  • Ask questions about your worksites and what you need to have within your safety binder
construction workers meetings

Our Procedure

  1. Once your 60-minute safety consultation is set up, we will email you a meeting prep checklist beforehand.

  2. We will meet via telephone or virtual meeting and answer as many of your questions and concerns within the time available.

  3. Initial 60 minute consultation is $65.00 (additional hours available at $65/hr)

Contact Us for More Information

To book your H&S consultation or get more info, email us or call our team directly : Eastern Canada + 647 205 0652 or Western Canada +1 403 609 1413